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Shreveport press starts

Posted by kathyspurlock on March 2, 2010

Just a reminder about The Times’ press starts:

Shreveport Press Start Times

                                       TO PREPRESS            PRESS START

 MONDAY                    11:40PM                      12 MIDNIGHT

 TUESDAY                   11:40 PM                     12 MIDNIGHT

 WEDNESDAY            11:10 PM                      11:30 PM

 THURSDAY                11:10 PM                     11:30 PM

 FRIDAY                       11:10 PM                     11:30 PM

 SATURDAY                11:10 PM                     11:30 PM

 SUNDAY                     10:40 PM                     11:00 PM


 * All color needs to be sent to plate 1 hour prior to the deadline.

 * Time to Prepress denotes when the last page should be received.


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To Barack … or not

Posted by JeffB65 on November 25, 2009

Shreveport local style prefers the usage “President Obama” in all first references to U.S. President Barack Obama. That differs from AP style. Please keep this in mind if you are working to build Shreveport pages or proofing them.

President Obama (right) with daughter, Sasha Obama, 8, points at the turkey, Courage, with Walter Pelletier (left) chairman of the National Turkey Federation, and Elizabeth Pelletier, the day before Thanksgiving, during a ceremony in the North Portico of the White House in Washington on Wednesday.

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