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Book of Monroe



Technical information for  gathering content for Monroe pages:

For saxotech


username: nderiso

password: blackberry

For Proimage

unsername: mhenderson

no password


Your AP


UserID: lamon (all lowercase

Password: ouachita (all lowercase)

To access material for USA Weekend promo


To connect to the FTP site for Newseum uploads:

Server: ftp.newseum.org

Username: la_ns (upper, lower, or mixed case will work)

Password: pH5U=pT8 (must be entered as shown)

When you log in it will appear as though you are in a root “\” folder

(your actual location is hidden from you). You do not need to worry

about any subfolders/subdirectories. Just connect, log in, transfer the

file, and disconnect. Your file will be in the correct place.

For Omniture reports

Host name: http://www.omniture.com/

User: Monroe

User ID: newsroom

Password: m0nr03


To set up

UserID: LAMON (all caps)

Password: lamon (all lowercase)

To download weather

  • Use your “Welcome to AccuWeather!” bookmark
  • The logon window should pop up as it did in the above step. Enter the same info.

UserID: LAMON (all caps)

Password: lamon (all lowercase)

  • It will automatically begin downloading the package and ask you to save the file somewhere. It will also ask if you want to remember the choice. You do.
  • Save it to M:\weather folder\weather packages.
  • Double click the AMTNS icon.
  • It will ask you where to save the unstuffed package; save to M:\weather folder\weather packages
  • You must unstuff the element a second time by double clicking.
  • It will ask again where you want it save. Save in the weather folder\weather packages once again
  • This time, you will get a folder containing the eps. Copy the eps and paste it into the Y drive/Mon-Graphics-In

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