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Posted by bbeene85 on August 4, 2011

NONPLUSSED means “to cause to be at a loss of what to say, think or do.” It does not mean not affected or bothered by. Wrong here: “Though Sundhage is nonplussed at the prospect of facing her home country (‘For me, it’s not Sweden. It’s just a team’) the game will put the spotlight on….” (In an AP story.)

NEITHER takes a singular verb. Wrong here: “neither of the projects were funded….” Neither was funded.

It’s a TOW SACK, not a TOE sack. Wrong here: “… a toe sack full of balls…”

UKRAINE, not the Ukraine, is the name of the country that formerly was a Soviet republic. Wrong here: “Russia, the Ukraine and South Korea….’

PARTYGOERS is not hyphenated. Wrong here: “…some of the party-goers will head to the theater….”

THE BIRD purple martin is not capitalized. Wrong here: “…the Purple Martins did make it to our place.”

BIBLICAL, the adjective, is not capitalized. Wrong here: “This is a story with Biblical overtones….” (On a USA Today page.)

LIQUEFIED is the spelling for liquefied natural gas. Wrong here: “…to modify its liquified natural gas terminal….”

STYLE: The prefix MULTI is not hyphenated. Wrong here: “…multi-year scholarships…”

SITE was the wrong word here: “… the entity has to site the part of the law… to site the law.” The verb meaning to refer to is CITE.

SHOO-IN is the term for a sure thing, not shoe-in.

Laz 8.3.11


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