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Posted by bbeene85 on April 21, 2010

(This is aimed mostly at items found in the Shreveport paper, bb)

MCNEILL Street as two L’s. (Wrong in two March 28 cutlines; April 18.)
COURTHOUSE is one word. (Wrong in a March 28 cutline.)
COMMAS go inside quote marks. Wrong here: ‘the CW network’s launch of “High Society”, “Fly Girls” and cycle 14 of….’ (AP cutline, March 24.)
ALUMNA is the word for a female graduate. ALUMNUS is the male. Wrong in a column by a woman: “As a music education alumnus of Centenary College….” (March 16)
FLOUTED was the wrong word here: “…flouted a tattoo of President Hugh Chavez on his chest.” FLAUNT is the word for showing off, making an ostentatious display. Flout means to show contempt for: He flouts the law. (April 20)
BOARD OF DIRECTORS is not capitalized. (April 9)
FLAK is the word for a barrage of criticism (or anti-aircraft fire). Wrong here: “Anyway you go, it’s going to be flack.” (April 14.) A FLACK is a press agent.
OVERSEE is the word for keeping watch over. OVERSEAS means across the sea. Wrong here: “For now, Carroll overseas the sixth-grade teachers.” (April 14)
SMOKEY BEAR, not Smokey the Bear, is the symbol of the U.S. Forest Service. (Lopresti column, April 12.)
WHOSE is the possessive pronoun. WHO’S is the contraction for who is. Wrong here: “O’Pry, who’s sister was a victim of domestic violence….” (April 10)
Laz 4.21.10


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AP Style-State Abbreviations, Advisory,0120

Posted by bbeene85 on April 16, 2010

The Associated Press has decided to postpone plans to change its style on state abbreviations, pending further review.
We will continue to use state abbreviations in datelines and stories. We will also continue to use Canadian provinces in datelines.
We had proposed, as of May 15, spelling out the names of U.S. states in all stories and datelines where a city is followed by a state name. We had also proposed dropping the practice of including names of Canadian provinces in datelines.
The intention was to create a consistent and universal style for international as well as domestic use. We appreciate feedback we have received from members and will continue to review the proposed style changes.
The AP

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AP style change

Posted by kathyspurlock on April 16, 2010

The Associated Press is changing its style from “Web site” to “website” to reflect increasingly common usage.

The change is effective at 3 a.m. EDT Saturday, April 17.

A new entry on website has been added to the AP Stylebook Online and will be included in the updated text version, the 2010 AP Stylebook, which will be published next month.

The entry says:

Website: A location on the World Wide Web that maintains one or more pages at a specific address. Also, webcam, webcast and webmaster. But as a short form and in terms with separate words, the Web, Web page and Web feed.

The AP

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