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Posted by bbeene85 on March 26, 2010

LOWERCASE the bird purple martin. (Feb. 21)

City Council is capitalized when it refers to a specific city council. Wrong twice in one story but correct in another on page 3A, Feb. 24.

MCNEILL Street has two L’s. (Wrong in a story and cutline on 7A March 7.)

LEST is the word for “for fear that” or “in case.” Wrong here: “Less it be missed amid all the eye candy….” (9A, March 7)

The prefix NON is not hyphenated. It’s nonprofit. (March 4)

The adjective APIECE is one word. Wrong here: “…questioned [them] about an hour a piece….” (March 11)

SET (not sit) is the verb for put. Wrong here: “Fill a five-gallon bucket half full and sit it on the floor.” (March 11)

RODE is the past tense of ride, not road. Wrong here: “…Tech road the backs of its first team….” (March 13)

A PEEK is a look; a PEAK is a high point. Wrong here: “A peak at the day’s activities:” (March 21)

PORING is the word for studying or examining. Wrong here: “…spent the past eight months pouring through the…warrants….” (March 25)

UNDER WAY, the AP Stylebook says, is “two words in virtually all uses.” Wrong here: “Work is underway on the … 3-D thriller….” (March 25.) Correct here: “…a project that is under way….” (March 17)

DRIVEN is the past participle of drove. Wrong here: “The couple had drove to Miami once before….” (March 25)

Laz 3/25/10


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