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New photo procedures from the RTC

Posted by kathyspurlock on March 25, 2010

Hi everybody!

As most of you know, the RTC has been providing access to the AP Wire Feed through MediaManager for a couple of months now and several of you have utilized the wire feed. Our hope is that it has made your life a little easier, and that you continue to use it. We have, however, noticed that it’s not being used quite as frequently as we had hoped. With that being said, for those of you who aren’t currently using the wire feed, please know that you could be drastically improving your turnaround times by using the wire feed! Let me explain how.

If you pull a photo of Barack Obama off of your own AP wire feed and send it for toning and it comes over into MediaManager (probably for a 30 minute to 1 hour turnaround time). It’s toned and is back to you within the hour. If you select that SAME photo from the RTC’s AP wire feed, it is toned much faster, and will typically be back to you in less than 15 minutes. There are also photos that have already been toned by the RTC on the wire feed that are denoted by a gold star. Selecting one of THESE photos, will allow you to have your photo back even FASTER—typically around 5 minutes!

Below is a link to a PDF that will walk you through how to use the wire feed. Most of you should be able to access the feed, but if you run into trouble, please let Customer Support know as an account setting may need to be changed.


With the NCAA Tournament well underway, and Major League Baseball Opening Day just around the corner—it becomes even more important that the wire feed is utilized when possible. You’ll find that the more of you that use it, the more beneficial it is for everyone because there will be more prepared photos to choose from. When the workflow of the RTC allows for it, there is also a person here searching the wire feed for photos to increase that number of already toned photos.

Below are just a few dates to keep in mind. You’ll notice that all of them are sporting events—so please feel free to forward this email on to your sports desk (or anyone else you think would find it useful), assuming they haven’t already received it. Sports photos are often sent at night, during edition, when the RTC is busiest—and using a sports photo from the RTC’s wire feed could help IMMENSELY in the time the sports desk spends waiting for that photo.

March 25-26         NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (Sweet Sixteen)
March 27-28         NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (Elite Eight)
April 3                   NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (Final Four)
April 5                   NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Championship Game
April 5                   MLB Opening Day
April 12                 NHL Playoffs
April 17                 NBA Playoffs
April 22-24           NFL Draft

Just because so many of the upcoming events are sporting events, does not mean that it can’t be used for other events. It should be utilized whenever possible, and anything that you would normally have used your own AP wire feed for, can also be found on the RTC’s AP wire feed. So the next time you go to search for a wire photo, try searching through the RTC first, and see how you like it.

We are more than willing to walk you through this feature, so if any questions arise—please do not hesitate to ask. You may contact me via email Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm. You may also contact RTC Supervisor, Jason Ickowitz at anytime at (515) 402-0195. You are also more than welcome to email rtcsupport@gannett.com, or call the Support hotline at 1-888-823-9149. Our Customer Support department has been well-educated on this feature and is more than willing to help!

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Stephanie Hassebrock | Customer Support Team Lead
Gannett Production Centers
715 Locust Street | 10th Floor
Des Moines, Iowa  50309-3703
t. 515.699.7099


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