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Let’s be consistent

Posted by bbeene85 on March 11, 2010

(This is from Jeff, and sent to people who mainly do S’port pages, but it is good for all to know for when you are proofing and when you’re called upon to work on them, bb)
Hey guys,
I’ve been seeing the McClatchy bylines done a variety of ways on pages in The Times lately … mostly in living, but on nation/world as well … so just keep watch … and try to be consistent in how we handle them.
 The style we are supposed to be using is McClatchy-Tribune News
It doesn’t really matter … and it’s not a big mistake or something that most readers would notice, but it’s good to be consistent in how we style things. For example, Thursday’s 1C had it McClatchy Tribune News on the left rail and McClatchy-Tribune News on the right rail … and I saw McClatchy Tribune on the nation/world page proof.

 In photo captions, please make sure that when you are designing pages and proofing pages, that AP photos just have the credit AP … and not AP/The Times (which is what the system automatically throws below the photos when you flow the caption). Again, this isn’t something that is just horrible … or that the reader is likely to even notice … but we are professionals and should seek to do things the same throughout the paper (no matter who may be working on the pages). I know that some other products set off locator words in captions with commas, but The Times uses parenthesis … as in (left) (right) (center).
Jeff Benson
Night Local Editor


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