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Posted by bbeene85 on February 23, 2010

(Locations mentioned are from The Times)

MCNEILL Street has two L’s. (Wrong Jan. 6 and Dec. 22)

FORGO has no E when it means “to refrain from; relinquish… do without.” FOREGO (with the E) means “to go before”: foregone conclusion. Hint: If you mean “do without,” do without the E. (Wrong here: “… the first … defendant to forego all appeals….” (Jan. 3)

MARSHAL has one L in city marshal, fire marshal, parade marshal, U.S. marshal. (Jan. 14)

APPEAL has no S in Louisiana courts of appeal, e.g., 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal. It’s APPEALS in federal courts. (Jan. 14)

BOARD OF DIRECTORS should be lowercase. (Jan. 22, twice)

It’s WIT’S END, not wits’ in the phrase “at my wit’s end.” (Wrong in a Jan. 28 head based on a letter signed “At My Wits’ End.”)

’TIL is an incorrect word. As the AP Stylebook says, “till or until. But not ’til.” Wrong here: “wait ’til Monday.” (Feb. 6.) Right: “waiting till now.” (Feb. 9) [My spell-checker spots ‘til and says: “Not in the dictionary.”]

WRINGER, not ringer, is the spelling in the phrase “through the wringer.”(Feb. 12)

It’s VOCAL CORDS, not chords. (Feb. 13)

Laz 2-13-10


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