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Posted by bbeene85 on February 23, 2010

(Locations mentioned are from The Times)

MCNEILL Street has two L’s. (Wrong Jan. 6 and Dec. 22)

FORGO has no E when it means “to refrain from; relinquish… do without.” FOREGO (with the E) means “to go before”: foregone conclusion. Hint: If you mean “do without,” do without the E. (Wrong here: “… the first … defendant to forego all appeals….” (Jan. 3)

MARSHAL has one L in city marshal, fire marshal, parade marshal, U.S. marshal. (Jan. 14)

APPEAL has no S in Louisiana courts of appeal, e.g., 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal. It’s APPEALS in federal courts. (Jan. 14)

BOARD OF DIRECTORS should be lowercase. (Jan. 22, twice)

It’s WIT’S END, not wits’ in the phrase “at my wit’s end.” (Wrong in a Jan. 28 head based on a letter signed “At My Wits’ End.”)

’TIL is an incorrect word. As the AP Stylebook says, “till or until. But not ’til.” Wrong here: “wait ’til Monday.” (Feb. 6.) Right: “waiting till now.” (Feb. 9) [My spell-checker spots ‘til and says: “Not in the dictionary.”]

WRINGER, not ringer, is the spelling in the phrase “through the wringer.”(Feb. 12)

It’s VOCAL CORDS, not chords. (Feb. 13)

Laz 2-13-10


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Make your Winter Olympics coverage all it can be

Posted by JeffB65 on February 13, 2010

2010 Vancouver Torch Relay

The International Olympics Committee has a lot of information located at its Vancouver 2010 Media Kit page, including links to other sites that include images and video for media use.

For an extensive selection of photos available shortly after each event, you can follow them on Flickr;

Broadcast quality videos can be accessed and downloaded for free: click here
Login: IOC  Password: MEDIA2009
YouTube: www.youtube.com/iocmedia.

This is just a small sampling of the information on the Media Kit page. One will also find on the page contacts for various aspects of the events as well a long list of links that offer lots of information on various topics.

So if that AP artwork doesn’t have the angle you want, you might want to check out the work of the IOC photographers to see if there’s anything better.

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It’s not an opinion … it’s a style for opinions

Posted by JeffB65 on February 6, 2010

The following is from Cynthia Jardon, The Town Talk’s editorial page editor, in regards to their editorial page styles. Please keep this in mind as you are proofing, editing or building these pages. Thanks.

  • All columns are ragged right on Town Talk OPED pages.
  • Views from Elsewhere, Our View and Letters are not.

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Keeping tabs on the census

Posted by JeffB65 on February 2, 2010

Census is a word that’s going to start showing up in copy and on pages a lot this year. Unfortunately, it’s often improperly capitalized when it shouldn’t be.

According to AP style, the word should be capitalized only in specific references to the U.S. Census Bureau. Lowercase it other uses: The census data was released Tuesday.

And on the same topic, if you are working with content and need to check facts, go the Census Web site. There are lots of specific reference materials, including downloadable maps.

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There’s gold in this post

Posted by JeffB65 on February 2, 2010

Saints kicker Garrett Hartley (5) celebrates after kicking the winning field goal during overtime in the NFC Championship NFL football game in New Orleans on Jan. 24, 2010. AP

With all the coverage of the New Orleans Saints in their first Super Bowl appearance, we have had several instances where copy editors find themselves in need of the proper color gold to match the Saints logo, etc.

The official NFL color is made using your swatches pallett with the following settings:

CMYK: 00, 13, 45, 41

And if you need the official colors for any other NFL team, you can download their National  Football  League  colors PDF to find the team colors you need.

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