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Are temperatures getting colder … or lower?

Posted by JeffB65 on January 5, 2010

Town Talk Editor Paul Carty reminds us:

“AP style on temperatures is getting higher and lower, not warmer and colder. We’re all over the map on this one.”

He’s correct. If you turn to page 269 of the 2009 version of AP Stylebook, there is an extensive listing on temperatures (page 238 of the 2007 version and I’m sure it exists in other versions as well … just look for temperatures entry). The specific example that he’s referring to follows:

Temperatures get higher or lower, but they don’t get warmer or cooler.

Wrong: Temperatures are expected to warm up in the area Friday.

Right: Temperatures are expected to rise in the area Friday.

We will probably be seeing a lot of weather stories in the next few days about temperatures going one way or the other, so please keep an eye out for it in your copy on your pages or on pages you are proofing.


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