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Tips for the copy desk (and others) No. 73

Posted by bbeene85 on January 3, 2010

(Alan Lazarus is the retired managing editor of The Times in Shreveport, his Nit-Picker’s Notebook and these tips for the copy desk pertain mainly to copy seen in The Times, but the mistakes are made everywhere. bb)

ADOLF is the spelling of Hitler’s first name, not Adolph. (Dec. 8)

ACCIDENTALLY is the right spelling. Wrong here: “…he accidently shot a couple of bears….” (Dec. 9)

THIRD-GRADERS is hyphenated. (A Dec. 4 cutline had it two ways – with and without.)

WEISMAN’S (not Wiseman’s) was the spelling of the famous Shreveport toy store. (Dec. 9)

RENOWNED is the adjective and was the word needed here: “…world-renown guitar player James Burton.” (Dec. 22.) Renown is the noun. One who has renown (fame) is renowned.

PEDDLED was the wrong word here: “He didn’t say a word as he peddled [the Big Wheel] across the room….” He PEDALED. (Dec. 23)

FAIR GROUNDS (in Shreveport) is two words. (Dec. 28)

DUPLICITOUS means “deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech” and was the wrong word here: “Yes, things are getting duplicitous for the New Orleans Saints.” (Dec.29.) The story referred to being confused and “a little off.”

1941 was the year of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, not 1945. (Dec. 31)

Laz 12/31/09


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