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DANGER, Will Robinson!

Posted by kathyspurlock on December 30, 2009

At our house, whenever you really, really, really need to watch for something, we say: DANGER, Will Robinson!

The time to be ULTIMATELY careful will come again starting Friday. Yes, that’s when the year changes. And, as you have trouble remembering to write “2010” on your checks, everyone has that difficulty with dates in the newspaper.

Every dateline, copyright line, etc. must be checked — not just on Jan. 1, but for a couple of weeks until we’ve found all the places that old pesky 2009 is still hiding.

Watch for the year. It’s changing!


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Three steps to better copy reading

Posted by kathyspurlock on December 29, 2009

As I proof pages in the Content Production Center, I often see issues that should be caught by copy editors before the proofing stage.

So, I’m not assuming everybody knows how to read copy. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Read the content as a reader. Does everything make sense? Is it free of jargon, slang and “insider” talk? Do you understand the story? I’ve always imagined my grandmother sitting at her breakfast table with the newspaper — would she understand this story? 

2. Read the content as an editor. Correct errors in spelling, AP style and grammar.

3. Read the story one more time for both content and context. You should be using active spell check, and check spellings. Also check every name to make sure the first reference to someone didn’t get edited out in the editing process.

If you do these three things with every story before you proof it, your pages will be much cleaner and you’ll have fewer errors.

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A nice note from our friends in Lafayette

Posted by kathyspurlock on December 10, 2009

Just a note to say the Wednesday edition had a lot of breakouts, mugs and other elements, and the layouts worked on every page. Especially liked the way Tara was able to use the flood photos on the jump page.

Thanks for your hard work.


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Repetition … gets repetitious

Posted by JeffB65 on December 5, 2009

This issue was recently brought to my attention. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix.

Often photographers will be repetitious with information they provide in photo captions because they don’t know which photos will be used and which won’t. Please be aware of this when you are packaging multiple photos from an event on a page.

It’s not good to have captions that repeat phrases or information verbatim multiple times on a page. Please take time to edit them appropriately so they make better sense as a whole package.

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