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Posted by bbeene85 on November 28, 2009

The French Legion of Honor was begun in 1802, not 1820. Wrong in an AP story: “It was begun in1820 by Napoleon Bonaparte.” (Nov. 15.) In 1820, he was in exile on St. Helena.

Animals are SPAYED, not SPRAYED (in ordinary circumstances). Wrong here (typo?): “All pets over six months of age are sprayed and neutered….” (Nov. 14)

PRESIDENTS DAY has no apostrophe. (Nov. 13)

FAIR GROUNDS (in Shreveport) is two words. (Nov. 13)

The number of American combat deaths since 1775 is not “over 2.8 million,” as a Nov. 13 opinion piece said. The Web site militaryfactory.com puts the total at 1,314,000, not counting the missing. The breakdown includes all wars, even the Barbary Wars (35) and the Boxer Rebellion (37).

It’s NORTHROP Grumman, not Northrup Grumman. Wrong in this jump page headline: “Coast: Air Force officials awarded/Northrup Grumman contract last year” and twice in the jump of the Gannett story, but it was right in the page one part of the story! (Nov. 27)

Lighter side: A story about electric power being knocked out in a 3:30 a.m. accident said, “Roughly 400 Queensborough residents were in the dark.” Probably more, all in bed asleep. (Oct. 29)

Laz 11/27/09


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