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Posted by bbeene85 on November 6, 2009

AMELIA EARHART was not flying solo when she vanished in 1937. She had a navigator, Fred Noonan. (Wrong in a Movie Buzz column, Oct. 29)

LAY is the past tense of LIE (to recline or be situated). Wrong here: “He [Ali] laid on the ropes, covering up and letting Foreman punch him at will. (Dahlberg column, Oct . 29)

A hen LAYS; an object LIES. Wrong in this cutline: “The First Methodist church steeple lays in the parking lot….” (Nov. 2)

INTACT is one word. Wrong here: “His sense of hope and humor is in tact.” (Nov. 4)

K2 is not the second highest mountain in Pakistan; it is the second highest in the world. (Nov. 4)

Wis. (not Wisc.) is the AP abbreviation for Wisconsin.  (Nov. 4)

FIRST-GRADERS is hyphenated. (Nov. 4)

Shreveport’s  Fair Grounds is capitalized.  (Nov. 4)

Uppercase the F in Ferris wheel. (Nov. 4)

Omit the apostrophe in plural dates. Wrong here: “… the early 1920’s of my parents….” (Nov. 4)

Laz  11/4/09

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