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Tips for copyeditors and others

Posted by bbeene85 on November 3, 2009

THERE IS NO H in WALLOPED.  Wrong here: “… where problems have whalloped the elderly.” (Sept.12)

BATTALION has two T’s and one L.  Wrong in a cutline: “…the 6888th Postal Batallion, but right twice. (Sept. 1

JACK DANIEL’S (with the apostrophe) is the spelling of the whiskey. Wrong here: “… there should be Jack Daniels vinaigrette,” (June 28) and here: “He was drinking Jack Daniels.” (Sept. 13). It is produced by the Jack Daniel Distillery – with no apostrophe.

SELF words are hyphenated: self-confidence, self-respect. Wrong here:  “Who will stand for self determination and liberty…?” (July 3)

TO COMPLIMENT is to PRAISE and was the wrong word here: “The new act will further compliment the 2008 bill….”  (Aug. 3.)  Needed here was complement, to make complete.

COMPLEMENT was the wrong word here: “They are to be complemented on their actions….”  (Aug. 10.)  To be complimented.

TENTATIVE has three T’s. Wrong in this head: “LWFC sets tenative dates for season.” (Aug. 12)

THE AP STYLEBOOK says, “Do not…drop from” in graduated from. Wrong here: “…children who fail to graduate high school.” (May 18.) And here:   “…who

graduated the … Training Academy….”

Laz 9/14/09


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