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Is your spellcheck dynamic enough?

Posted by JeffB65 on November 3, 2009

Adobe InDesign has a lot of great features. As with any program which is feature-rich, some of them often go unnoticed … and unused.

One feature that you should make sure that you are using is DYNAMIC SPELLCHECK. This actually checks the spelling of your document live as you work on it. If you mistype something, it is instantly underlined in red to let you know the word is suspect. If you right-click on a suspect word a list of options pops up to replace it.

This is great for writing headlines and editing photo captions because you see immediately if you have introduced a misspelling. But you have to turn it on because it is not a default setting for the program (though it should be).

To activate dynamic spellcheck, go to menu bar and select EDIT; go to SPELLING; select DYNAMIC. That’s all. You are now spellchecking as you build the page.


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