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Slug it out … right

Posted by moncpc on November 2, 2009

Since we now officially have all sites in production at the CPC, it’s more important than ever that we keep our slugs straight. No not those slimy little critters that leave gooey trails all over your patio — file names.

Keep these points in mind:

1. If you are naming a photo, it is important you make that name unique by using the abbreviation of the site the content belongs to. For example 1031_LAF_SHOOTING or 1031_SHR_FLOODING. This also helps to find the file later during the webbing process.

2. If you are creating wire files for a site, use the same procedures so that your file is not accidentally grabbed by someone else eager to fill space and looking globally rather than just in the READY FOR PAGE basket (whatever it may be named).

3. If you are downloading graphics, games or comics, the same rules apply. Before you drop it into the Jazbox gateway, make sure it has a name that not only identifies it by date, but by publication as well.


OK. Now this one is just for fun.

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